Max Miller
General Information
Show: Life With Derek
Age: Season 3: 17-18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Hair Color: Brown
Protrayed by: Robbie Amell

Derek Venturi, Edwin Venturi, Lizzie McDonald, Marti Venturi, Nora McDonald, George Venturi

Girlfriend: Casey McDonald (From episodes: Misadventures In Babysitting - Allergy Season)
Series Information
First Appearance:

"The Dating Game"

Last Apperance:

"Two Kisses, One Party"

Max Miller is a quarterback for the school's football team who once dated Casey.

Character Description

Max Miller is a very popular kid at Casey's and Derek's school. He is the quarterback for the school's football team making him a jock.Max is also shown to be impolite. He doesn't act too nice to his girlfriend Casey. Max doesn't do things that a normal gentlemen would but, when Casey calls him up on this, he acts more considerate.He is a sexy hunk.



Casey and Max start to go out in the episode "Misadventures in babysitting" after Max breaks up with Amy. They then had a nice long solid relationship until Casey develops mysterious allergies after Max gives her his football jacket. This causes them to break up.Casey later tell Max she wants to get back together but Max had already moved on.


Amy is the school's head cheerleader whom Max dated. They broke up and got back together constantly until Max broke up with Amy for good to date Casey.