Nora McDonald
General Information
Show: Life With Derek
Age: Season 1: 38
Season 2: 39
Season 3: 40
Season 4: 41
Date of Birth c. 1980
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Hair Color: Brown
Protrayed by: Joy Tanner

Casey McDonald and Lizzie McDonald

Step children:

Derek Venturi, Edwin Venturi, Marti Venturi and Simon McDonald-Venturi

Husband: George Venturi
Series Information
First Appearance:

"The Room"

Last Apperance:

"Vacation With Derek"

Nora McDonald is a partner in a firm that specializes in window coverings who has been divorced for five years. When Nora goes to work she looks very professional and put together which is a contrast to her at-home style which more relaxed. She adores her new husband though sometimes finds his refusal to take things seriously exasperating.